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  • Auto Voltage Regulator

    September 30, 2014
    Homage introduces all new Auto Voltage Regulator. Latest technology voltage regulator that protects your appliances by providing a steady flow of electricity. The HAVR-1000 is based on the latest “Toroidal Transformer” technology. Because of this technology, the HAVR-1000 is elegantly compact in design and at the same time it delivers all the reliability that is needed to protect your valuable appliances from voltage fluctuations. Features: Wide input voltage range 140-260V Output power capacity 1000VA/600W (pure sine-wave) Time Delay selection system (6 Sec. & 180 Sec.) Automatic buck-boost, normal switchover Highly efficient buck-boost, minimizing energy loss Rack design for flexible installation Suitable for all sizes of refrigerators (1litre to 800 litres) User-friendly LCD+LED indicators Multiple protection: low input alarm, high input alarm, over temperature protection, short circuit protection.

Sole distributors of Kenwood in Pakistan and Manufacturers of Homage Pakistan

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